Wednesday, August 3, 2011

School Room Tour 2011

I've been meaning to share pictures of our homeschool room on here, but keep getting distracted. Oh, look! Something shiny. ;-) I'll start this tour from the door and go clock-wise.

Our School Room Door. I cut the letters with from vinyl.

We've chosen a "monster theme" for the year. This is on the school door too.

This is just inside the door on the wall as you enter the room.

This puppet theater is in the doorway of a little closet in the room. This closet houses all of our family DVDs, my teacher's manuals, other teacher resources and supplies. The doorway is the perfect place to put on a puppet show!

Just beyond the puppet show, I've set up a desk and chair as our "computer station". We have the laptop and an iPad there. This is the boys' VERY favorite spot in the room.

We have our large bulletin board with a lot of our daily stuff on them. The flip-chart has our CC Memory work for the entire 24 weeks. It's easy to flip through to review. You can see we have a couch there to divide the room although I do not have a good picture of it.

above that, I've taken advantage of those sloped ceilings to hang the kids' artwork. Simple, easy and cute!

Once you turn past the couch, we have our bookshelves, our alphabet (which is new and a little larger than I thought and it didn't fit where I had originally planned). I take full-advantage of the tops of bookshelves as valuable storage space.

We have a small tv with DVD and VCR hookups and I've used a row of desks that we aren't using to hold some of our daily stuff and things like our puzzles, globe, pencil sharpener, etc.

Under the desks, we have some storage for some files, blocks, manipulatives, playdough toys, and flashcards. Gotta make use of a small space in every way you can!

The front corner of the room has our laser printer and that's where all the internet hook-ups for the house are. It's not optimal placement, but it's where it has to be. I have a white-board, our calendar on this wall. This is my main teaching area.

I just had to have this monster club-house. We've decided to put Andrew's "sight-words" up there as he learns them this year. We'll call them his "club words".

I have another white-board and our morning meeting board at the front of the room too.

This view is from the front of the room. You can see my craft area and work area is behind the couch. No little people are allowed back there. It's all mine! (insert evil laugh here.)

This is in that little closet (behind the puppet theater) and I keep all of my Teacher's Manuals on this shelf. A big thanks to my friend Sarah for this shelf!

This is my folder system. Each folder is numbered by 6 weeks. (weeks 1-6, 7-12, 13-18, 19-24, 25-30 and 31-36) It has their printables for those 6 weeks and paper-clipped by week. All of Robert's folders are green and Andrew's are blue. I actually added the 3rd color this year for "together". We do Science, Bible and History together, so the red folders are for "together" work.

This is actually in my craft area, but I couldn't live without my paper sorter! The grey and red bins have art supplies. The wire carts have some things for the boys stored on them.

This shelf is outside the schoolroom and Zoe's room. It has a lot of toddler books, board books, etc.

This shelf is in the hall because we are bursting at the seams. It has a lot of learning games, activities, etc.

This shelf (and usually the cat) are in the dining room. It is full of teacher resource materials.

This cube shelf thing is in the entry-way of our house. It has a lot of art supplies and some other random stuff! I love those storage cubes! Hides the "mess".

Well, there it is! School-room 2011. Happy schooling, y'all!


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