Thursday, August 18, 2011

Get Organized!

I've had several people ask me about my "folder system", so I wanted to take a minute to explain it. It's really simple and just requires a little planning!

This bucket holds 6 folders in each of the following colors: red (together), blue (Andrew), and green (Robert).
Each folder is labeled by 6 weeks (Weeks 1-6, 7-12, 13-18, 19-24, 25-30, 31-36). I put all their handouts in their folders ahead of time. I paper clip each week's work in there together by the week. For example, in the first folder I will have 6 "bunches" of papers (for weeks 1-6).

Each child also has 5 daily folders (different colors for each day) with their name and the day of the week (Monday - Friday). I have found it's easier to have each day be the same color for all children (Monday is yellow in our house). Every Friday afternoon when we are done with school, I take their empty folders and I pull out the folders that contain the following week's work and I put them in and they're ready to go! It's that simple!

In the folders is always their math work, history (Story of the World), geography (Road Trip USA), letter of the week (for Andrew) and anything extra that I might add in.

Some subjects we keep in their "workbooks". The Apologia Notebooking Journals are nicely spiral-bound and I find it's easier to just leave them as they are. The Shurley English workbook is also nicely organized, so I leave it in-tact too. We also leave their handwriting workbooks in-tact.

For History (Story of the World), we are making a "History Notebook", so when we finish an activity/assignment, we put those in the 3 ring binder. Yep, those are color-coded too. Robert has the green one and Andrew has the blue. We are also making a US Geography Notebook. We are using Road Trip USA; I got this as a download from Confessions of a Homeschooler. I love it.

All other "loose" papers get filed away once they are graded and recorded.

I hope I explained this well. My brain has sort of turned to mush this week. It's been a busy one! I hope this helps some of you as you are planning or just starting your school year.


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