Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Making an Edible Cell

We are LOVING Apologia Science. We went with the Human Anatomy and Physiology this year to correspond with our Classical Conversations Memory Work.

We made an "Edible Cell" after we finished our chapter about cells. Apologia Science and is full of fun activities for the kids to do. We do a project almost every day.

We made our yellow Jell-O cell and used various kinds of candy to represent the different organelles.

To make this Edible Cell , you will need:
a sharp knife (parent use), a spoon, a plate, a cereal bowl (one for each cell you are going to make), cooking spray like Pam, a box of yellow colored Jell-O (this will be the cytoplasm), a box of unflavored Knox Gelatin (this will be used to keep your cell together as you add the organelles), a couple jelly beans or peanut M&Ms candy (this will represent the mitochondria), several Skittles, Everlasting Gobstoppers or M&M candies (this will represent the lysosomes), A Starburst Gummy-burst or Lifesavers Gummies (this will represent the Golgi body), A piece of a Fruit Roll-Up or a piece of Fruit by the Foot (this will represent the Endoplasmic Reticulum), Nerds or Cake Sprinkles (these will be the ribosomes), Twizzler Pull and Peels or tubular cake sprinkles (these will be the centrioles), a large gumdrop, jawbreaker or round chocolate truffle (This will be the nucleus.)

Mix the Jell-O according to the directions. Add one envelope from the Knox Gelatin box and one extra cup of cold water.
Spray the cooking spray on the surface of the bowl.
Pour Jell-O mixture into the bowls (we made 3) and put it in the refrigerator for several hours.
Once the cytoplasm is hardened, use a sharp knife to cut out small segments of Jell-O where the organelle will be placed. Be certain not to cut all the way through. Try to make your cut match the size of the organelle you are placing in the cytoplasm.
Once you have finished placing the organelles into the cytoplasm, carefully turn the bowl over onto a plate. You've just made an edible cell!

Eat and Enjoy!

This little girl sat in her highchair and ate candy the whole time we did this experiment. Sticky would be an understatement. She went straight to the shower!

Happy schoolin' y'all!

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