Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Playdough Mats

I love playdough. Children love playing with playdough and there are so many learning activities that can be done using it. One of the things playdough can be used for is teaching basic math skills. You can do sorting activities, counting activities, size discrimination activities, addition and subtraction activities etc. These can be teacher led or child led activities. It can be used for fun imaginative creating too.

One thing I like to do with playdough is to use 'playdough mats'. Over at Homeschool Creations, Jolanthe has created some awesome number and alphabet playdough mats. There are is a set for numbers 0-10, numbers 11-20 and alphabet.

These are extremely well designed. I printed mine on white cardstock and laminated them. They are awesome. Perfect for a tot or preschooler, a kindergartener or some extra fun for your early elementary student. Once I had mine all laminated and my little Seoul Sister was napping, the boys (K and 2nd grade), got to work on them. They were a huge hit!

The alphabet has a capital letter, a lower case letter and a picture of something that starts with the letter. The number set has the number and dots corresponding to to that number. The child can also form mini balls to place on each of the dots to count along with 1:1 correspondence.

Thanks so much to Homeschool Creations for providing these AWESOME and FREE printables!

Here's some photos of my boys having fun trying out the playdough mats this afternoon!

Andrew was excited because he made a really BIG snake.

When he's really concentrating, he gets that tongue going.

Even big brother Robert loves a playdough break!

He made an 8 and counted 8 mini-balls!

All done!

When we finished with the numbers, we thought we'd give the letter playdough mats a try. Andrew said he started with the letter Z for his little sister. Such a great big brother!

Head on over to Homeschool Creations and get you some playdough mats and some other great printables!


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