Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Three Reasons Why We Homeschool

One: Robert Michael Sloan
(born June 29, 2003)

Robert is what we call an "old soul" and we joke that he was born at 40. I have to admit: it is nice having a mature child, but there are times when parenting a mature child can be a challenge. He sometimes thinks we're on the same level and we have to remind him that he is not. Robert is kind, compassionate, a great friend, a rule-follower, a helper. He loves learning and is my eager scholar. He was reading at age 3 and hasn't put the books down since. He loves Jesus and is growing in his relationship with Him. I am eager to see what God will do with this kid!

Two: Andrew Lewis Sloan
(born September 9, 2005)

Andrew is a lover of life! He always has a smile on his face and he is genuinely funny. Andrew is always up for a new adventure. Andrew has a sweet heart like I've never seen in another child. He is kind and compassionate to others, especially towards those who are sometimes overlooked. Giving us a constant performance, Andrew keeps a smile on our face. Andrew is a kid with passion that I know God will use in a mighty way!

Three: Zoe Grace Eun-ha Sloan
(born October 28, 2009; home forever January 4, 2011)

Zoe is the newest member of the Sloan family. She was born in Seoul, South Korea and adopted through Holt International. She is full of wonder and is the smiliest baby I've ever seen in my life. Her laugh is contagious and although she's been with our family only 5 short months, we can't imagine life without her! God has an amazing plan for this girl and I can't wait to see how she'll bring glory to Him through her life!

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